What to do if lapel grabbed from front with bent arms


So of all the ways of getting grabbed by someone the way shown in this video is the easiest one to deal with and as for people into combatives the response should be instinctual and immediate.

But there are other ways of being grabbed by ways that are totally common in the street that can present some difficulty for us.

Also covered in the DVD are defenses against:

-being grabbed by with a straight arm shove; if your opponent has longer arms and is stronger than you, you cant reach his face so the technique above won’t work. In the DVD I show you one counterintuitive move that opens up multiple options for you delivering a acounter attack, that makes you instantly safer (he might be setting you up for a headbutt or knee to the groin) and that a move that causes him to pull himself off balance, simultaneously.

-being grabbed and shoved backwards into a wall, could just wind you, but could also knock you out if your head hits the wall hard enough. On the DVD I show you a move that relies on good footwork to counter this “brute force” technique

-what do if a MUCH BIGGER and STRONGER opponent grabs you; its one simple movement principle that applies basic physics that Ive not seen shown anywhere outside of a ninjitsu class. You can laugh at teh ninjaz but they still have some good counter-grappling moves!

the video above shows the “typical” defense that is often demonstrated for street type combatives, but it has flaws. There is a limit to how much we can rely on “rips” and “mauling” techniques – they might be overwhelming to the uniniated but wont work so well on someone who has trained for them. The defenses shown against the more difficult types of grabs ( a guy would have to be a drunk idiot to pull you in to his face like that)
rely more on total body movement and committed mechanics, a method superior and more reliable than “cheat tactics”.


This is the kind of silly thing someone will do if they are trying to bully or intimidate you before working themselves up to a full scale assault.

Or it can be done as something transitional in a fight, they want to fight back, but can’t see you well enough to hit you so they reach out and cling on. You see this a lot in fights.

It could also be a an untrained response to you attempting to apply your “core game plan”.

This clip is from “Core Game Plan Recovery DVD 1” which focusses on what to do when something goes wrong in the application of the tactics and techniques you have perfected in training in the street.

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