(Video) How to Deliver Knock Out Punches – “Art of Charm” Podcast

This weeks video is all about the key combative principles of :

1. Moving Your Feet – keep the primary target (YOU!) moving, preferably OUT of his range but IN your range. Let your positioning do two things : make you safer and him more in danger.

2. Time on Target – Don’t snap your hand back to guard after delivering a punch, this isn’t a semi contact karate tournament and no one will be keeping score. If you want to generate EFFECT (and believe me you do) then you must allow the weapon to remain on target and to keep moving through the target to allow the kinetic energy of the movement to transfer into the target.

3. Efficiency and Effectiveness – I’m sure we all know the difference: do the most damage to your opponent whilst expending the least amount of energy possible.

A few TIPs from this video – do NOT pull your shots, do NOT “panic punch”, do NOT deliver snappy little “wing chun straight blast” strikes.

Hit hard, hit fast, hit accurately with VIOLENT INTENT. Repeat as necessary.

Now to the combative psychology element.

One of the key objectives I have for students of this material is:

“To develop more interpersonal confidence and social intelligence in everyone so that it makes them a harder target, so that it makes them more effective at handling violent confrontation and so that it improves them in every other area of their lives.”

When I get questions from people that ask me why they are still scared when they are in some situations or asking me for a psychological solution to the issue of their lack of confidence I think its important before getting into the ANSWER to the question to question the question itself.


Is the client seeking to access more aggression and violent intent so they can “fight” when what is called for is not physical violence at all?

Should the client be looking to develop a more robust, extroverted and thicker social skin?

Should we not be seeking to develop skills to allow us to create “allies” in social scenarios quickly?

Would it be more or less effective from a self protection point of view to simply not be the type of person people want to start fights with?

Knowing that people fear assaults on the ego in the form of humiliation more than they fear physical pain is being a more gregarious personality not in in itself a form of “target hardening”?

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This weeks podcast is presented to you by Jordan Harbinger of the Art of Charm.com

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Richard Grannon is a martial arts instructor and psychology coach.


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