(video) How to Deal with Shoves, Podcast: How to Develop Social Magnetism

How to Deal With Shoves

Here is a nice simple solution to what can be a real “pain in the ass” scenario that any thug can deliver – unfortunately I intended to cut the audio so the first line was not a big loud “F***ing” swear, but I edited incorrectly so it starts with a loud, echoing swear. Sorry about that. Turn the audio down for the first few seconds.

This weeks podcast features information on the most poweful element of the just released “Social Magnetism” course, which is something I originally developed for the “ArtofCharm.com” website and for guys more interested in “pick up” and accessing confidence to be more charismatic.

So if you want to hear what the most powerful key element to charisma is (the trick I use to get people to listen to me) and how to get girls (its still classed as “social intelligence” training and applied psychology!), how to get a raise at work (the right way) and how to project intent and how this crossess over into self protection training plus an anecdote about how I was recently verbally molested by the little chap from “Fantasy Island”  you should go get the podcast from here now

To find out more about the new  “Social Magnetism” course then click here

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Richard Grannon is a martial arts instructor and psychology coach.


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