“Verbal Conflict 2.0” Psychology of Confrontation

Verbal conflict 2.0


An Audio Tutorial on Skillfully Dealing with Verbal Conflict

9 Principles to Dominating the Psychology of Verbal Conflict

Everybody struggles with Verbal Conflict – it ties in to deep rooted fears of humiliation and contradicts basic social obedience conditioning.

Learn how to:

– be confident, calm and assertive in an argument

– the simple unbreakable rules you MUST follow if you want to walk away from an argument feeling like you did the right thing

– overcome the shaky voice, hands, sweating andemotional shitstorm that can kick off inside of you when you DO verbal conflict.

Nobody should feel like they would rather get into a fist fight than an argument but many, many people do!

Verbal Conflict is a skillset no different to any other, if you dont know HOW to do it its unlikely you will be good at it.

Learn the techniques and tactics developed over years of violent verbal confrontation developed by a psychologist, coach and NLP Master Prac. and tailor-made to suit the needs of Self Protection Practitioners.

No person should be incapable of asserting his or her boundaries whether it be at home, with their boss, a potential violent assault or any context whatsoever. Protection of your boundaries is a fundamental right and therefore should be a fundamental skillset that EVERYONE has.

This Skill Set Comes Down to 9 Simple Principles

1.How to be detached. Be Zen. Maintain Perspective. Dont take ANYTHING personally. Be egoless and focus on  your objectives not “winning argument”

2. How to be professional, and why you should develop a “professional supra state” for verbal conflict. The ultimate state for verbal conflict:  calm and assertive. Why and how to use it.

3. The importance of actually being in the right, distinguishing between ego protection and self protection, never leading with your pride.

4. How to Reflect properly (adding both “content”, “context” and non verbal cues). A very powerful instant reframing tool taken from world class therapists, that disarms the other persons argument and throws a wet blanket on their aggression. You can use this in ANY context, straight away.

5. Applying lessons straight from martial arts to verbal conflict. The sutemi-waza  (sacrifice throw) how to quickly admit fault and apologise, controls frame and totally disarms the person you are arguing with and the kokyu nage (blending throw) find common ground and “recruit” the person you are arguing with. This reframe makes it IMPOSSIBLE for them to argue with you.

6.Do NOT break this rule : “always the behaviour  never the person”
This is an all too common mistake that can turn an argument ugly very very quickly.

7. Why you must NEVER meltdown, threaten them, or seek higher authority.

8. Why you must control the space; do not allow swearing and shouting and big gestures (dont do them yourself).

9. How to “grade your response to the threat”, reply intelligently, and to allow for context and objectives.


This is a GREAT tutorial for anyone who struggles with the verbal phase of confrontation.

It is a 35Mb Mp3 audio file that runs for 50 mins.




: 20 mins of Video in Mp4 format “Talk Your Way Out of Trouble” – some concise and powerful tips on directing and controlling verbal confrontation, developed and honed in the street. No theory, no fluff just useable, practical stuff.


CLIP from “talk your way out of trouble” – free 20 minute bonus video tutorial that comes with your Verbal Conflict Course

EGO Protection vs Self Protection

Iast night I was reminded of something in work last night from about 7 or 8 years ago…There was a doorman I used to work with in Liverpool, every thursday night he was on with me on a club in Victoria Street.Older guy, maybe 55. He was a black cab driver who just did a couple of nights a week.

Really quiet, really polite.I remember him telling me, proudly, that in 15 years of doorwork he hadn’t had to hit anyone.At the time, I didnt really believe him to be honest.I realised a few years ago, that it’s not great to have too many young guys on a door. Too much testosterone and hot headedness. The older guys would keep everyone balanced, take things less personally and be way more patient.But I’ve been thinking about this guy in particular, because he made it a point of pride to go into work and never, ever hit anyone.This then got me into a mindset of “challenging” myself to see just how much I could get people to do just with verbal commands and the LEAST amount of physical contact possible.

It’s changed the whole way I approach doorwork.We know in principle that psychologically “you get more of what you focus on” and “the questions you ask determine the quality of the answers you get” and that of course, the questions you ask yourself CONTROL and direct that mental focus.If you are training for and engaging in situations asking the question “WHEN will this go physical?” then the presupposition is that it WILL at some point go physical, unless the other person capitulates and walks away or some other factor enters the situation.I have to sit back and wonder, really, really how many times was I absolutely forced into a fight in my life?If instead of asking myself “WHEN should I hit this guy?”, I was asking myself “How much can I get done without ANY physical contact whatsoever?” I’m 100% sure I would have been involved in less brawls.Doormen are the peacekeepers, the sober drivers, the big brothers.

These thoughts are rocking around in my head because it looks like I might be helping out to train new doormen at some point.How does this affect the self protection practitioner?

Well, just be wary of training that presupposes that “verbal conflict WILL escalate to violence” because how you react in training will be how you react in the street.Maybe you should be aware of your self perception of “trained martial artist/ fighter seeking to test their hard skills” should conflict arise to “master of communication/ applied psychology seeking to test their soft skills” to the limit.

Obviously there is a limit, if someone is REALLY determined, no amount of psychology is going to be more effective than a good solid tap on the jaw.



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