The Map Is Not The Territory – dealing with some of the human brain’s software faults for martiala arts

Ever noticed how the human brain doesnt seem to handle ambiguity very well?

It tends towards simplicty over complexity, reduction over expansion and of seeing multi dimensional, dynamic ever changing problems as flat black and white 2 dimensional still pictures.

This poses a problem for us.

What are we training for?

The reality of street violence that actually exists in some external domain?

Or the inner “reality” of street violence that only really plays out between our ears?

Do we even dare accept that there is a difference? Do we have the humility to see that we are fallible?

I’ve made this point a few times and it’s worth repeating:  I dont think the key to unlocking the martial arts/ self defence/ street fight/ personal development enigma lies in finding better answers, but in finding better questions.

The way we think about reality aint reality itself = the map (our internal pictures of the world) is not the territory (the external reality “out there”).

Be careful how you frame problems, how you frame your training and how you frame your approach to self protection. It is highly likely that upon examination we will find we have “distorted, deleted and generalised” the information coming in to suit our unconscious agenda and will have fallen prey to any number of common “cognitive biases”.

Instead of seeing yourself in the second person being beaten brutally by gangs of nightmarish monsters, imagine yourself vividly in the first person, feeling, hearing and seeing through your own eyes taking action decisively, moving with confidence, feeling what you would be feeling getting into the driving seat, taking control, taking the fight to your opponent and ATTACKING THE ATTACKER!

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richie grannon

Richard Grannon is a martial arts instructor and psychology coach.

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