“On Biting”

It came up in a recent blog post on Neal Martins “CombativeMind.com” – someone brought up biting.

I wrote in response to their post:

“you wrote: “Biting, yeah, again – intent changes everything, not even addressing blood-borne exposure. Also, continuing until the threat stops can be a reverser as well. While it’s prudent to do so from a
tactical viewpoint, legally you are taking chances once again, U.S. rules. To do so, to continue a beat-down to ensure that end (your survival), could lead to a reversal of your freedom status.”

I dont think really sinking your teeth into someone is a great idea, it does very little damage and probably wont stop your opponent, leaves you at risk of injuring yourself (the human mouth is pitiful for biting compared to other aninimals) , blood borne diseases need to be considered as you say – as will the motivation/indignation induced in the person you are biting AND how it will be justifiable in a court of law.

My mate just sent me this video nasty from china – a very bloody biting attack following an argument over a train seat in mainland china (pretty disturbing, be warned)

China, bloody bite attack in argument over train seat


the “threat” or “show” of biting can be intimidating to an attacker and the clamping down of the jaw whilst snarling will naturally induce evolutionarily hardwired mammalian predatory aggression in you using the “psycho physiological looping effect” … that is to say “where the body goes the mind will usually follow”.

The legal justification and intelligent use of biting is covered in the DVD set “6 Seconds of Extreme Violence” and the whole accessing of predatory mammalian aggression, training violent intent and using the “psycho physiological loop” to control your emotional state and access aggression are covered on these products in order :

“Predator Mindset” (its an extensive 3 hour audio tutorial study into the psychology of fear, aggression and violence, lengthy but worth it)

“Violent Intent Drills” 1 and 2 – shot placement drills that focus violent intent

and “Verbal Conflict Solo Drills” – which is all about applied psychology in a confrontation context.”

This is probably one of my favourite Bruce clips : the art of biting without biting

“BITE! are we nod animuws?”

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