Neuro Combatives: “Reality of Violence”

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The main question in this podcast is how do we define what we are actually training for?

Does defining ourselves as martial artists or self defence or combatives practitioners limit our ability to prepare for real world violence?

What are we in fact training for?

How do we increase confidence and ability as quickly and efficiently as possible?

PLUS One question you can ask yourself that will increase your confidence, calm and clarity INSTANTLY. It comes near the end, please listen all the way through for full effect though.

The purpose of Neuro Combative Conditioning is to make the individual as dangerous as possible to anyone who would attack them.

The means of doing this is making them as physically, psychologically and emotionally willing and able to deliver physical damage and injury to another human being as quickly as possible.

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richie grannon

Richard Grannon is a martial arts instructor and psychology coach.


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