Neuro Combatives Podcast 3 “The 5 Most Important Principles”

Neuro Combatives Podcast 3 “The 5 Most Important Principles”

One of the key elements of the Neuro Combative Conditioning Course is that the body and mind should be trained together as one unit, not seperately.

To illustrate: if you have a lot of great techniques, developed over time, supported with fantastic physical attributes it will all be meaningless if you freeze up with terror when a situation unfolds.
Your emotional and psychological “muscles” must be trained to be as strong and responsive as your physical ones.

When doing solo drills and partner drills remember everything always presents an opportunity to train your psychological and emotional state.
“There are parts of your body and mind that dont know the difference between real reality and reality that is just vividly imagined.”
This simple psychological principle allows us to really add an extra dimension to training, it just takes some creativity and dilligence to integrate these elements into the drills.

WYDALO  : whatever your doing a lot of …your getting good at.

Its great to relax and unwind whilst training and have a laugh with your mates, maybe just getting a bit of a sweat on banging the pads, working out some backed up adrenaline and raising up your test levels with a vaguely combatively themed “knock around” but at some point you’ve got to ask: what am I training for?

IF you really are training with self protection in mind, you MUST incorporate a sincere, foccussed, combative state to your training at some point (even just 5 minutes out of an hour training could make all the difference)  …or it really is a waste of time.

Real world violence is an emotionally disturbing experience. Prepare for the emotional turbulence now.

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The 5 most important principles  for training yourself mentally to anchor confidence, eradicate fear and prepare yourself mentally and physically using the principles of Neuro Combative Conditioning.

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