Neuro Combatives Podcast 2: “the real hardcore street fighting secrets”

The response to last weeks Neuro Combatives Podcast and my Combative Psychology Experiment Hypnosis Video was overwhelmingly positive which is great, good to see so many people are getting strong clear results from it and I havent had a single complaint of “it not working” in over 700 video views and downloads of the podcast.

A lot of people got motivated to get the new Neuro Combative Conditioning Course too and started training it straight away.
People have been reporting amazing results from the NCC courses exercises and principles.

Here is some feedback from GG:

“Hi Richie

I bought the Neuro Cogninitive Combative Conditioning course the other day and have listened to the MP3 once and then repeated the exercises on my own today.

I had some of the POV stuff you issued before but I think what was more powerful about this one was the second run through of the visualisations where you give the instruction to freeze frame just before it kicks and see how you feel and try to anchor that feeling.    What a difference!  Despite living in a lively area of SE London I usually avoid trouble (no mean feat given the fact I do my training outdoors in the park with a couple of guys near Catford).  I have also been trying to work with lucid dreams and had a dream a little while ago where I was locking my front door after coming in and someone pushed their way in and started me backing me up down the hallway.

That image was quite vivid and I remember the fear in the dream so I worked with that as my visualisation this time around.  I went from backing up down the hall to telling him to fuck off before launching straight in some palm strikes and then vicious head control takedown once I’d rattled him.  It’s a simple sequence but stuff I’ve done on the pads and with live bodies so I know I can perform it pretty well.  When I got to the freeze frame part I realised that fear I’d felt in a dream state was replaced by a burning indignation and I was raring to get into the guy.

Physically I felt as if there was massive strength and solidity in my shoulders neck and upper back.  I guess I’d describe as being like the strength you see in a panther.  It was that kind of feeling.  As I ran through the visualisation a few more times my shoulders, elbows, hands and spine started twitching and I am sure at one stage I even growled a little.  Bizarre.

Anyway, as per your message at the end of the MP3 I thought I’d give you some feedback.  I’ve been getting stuff from you for a while and even though there’s a lot of material that you covered in the POV course I thought it was the extra refinements and details in this one that made the difference, especially when you got onto the principles of NCCC at the end.”

“Happy for you to use the email anonymously in a newsletter.  Having been lucky enough now to train under some guys who can teach you to develop a knock out shot in one session (provided you then go and train it over and over) I really think the mental stuff is the missing link.  The simple command (go all out violent assault for 5 or 6 seconds) was a game changer too.


The processes we are playing with here are not complicated. There are parts of your brain that really dont know the difference between real reality and reality that is vividly imagined.

And guess what? Lucky for us, those are the parts of your brain these NCC drills allow you to activate in order for you to feel confident about TAKING DECISIVE AGGRESSIVE ACTION in the face of violent confrontation.
Its really simple, but very, very powerful.

This weeks Neuro Combatives Podcast will be tackling this subject:  “the REAL hardcore fighting secrets”.

Are there any secrets? (yes…kinda… not “secrets” but so “not mainstream well known” they are effectively secret)

What are they? (listen to the podcast and I’ll tell you what I think are main 3 ones crucial to you developing real skills and real confidence)

What are NOT the real secrets? (ANYTHING that is based on a physical technique! In this day and age, there are no “secret moves”, its all been done to death and its time martial arts grew out of this phase of its development)

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