Neuro Combative Hypnotic Reconditioning


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I am very excited this week to be releasing the first street fight secrets combative psychology programming that is rooted purely in traditional hypnosis.

Usually I like to develop programmes whereby the methodology AND the material is my own, original content and style. This is one of the reasons I stayed away from releasing a Hypnotic trance induction for combative psychology up until this point : I dont own hypnotherapy!

It was around and functioning a long time before I was even born.

The other reason is up until recently I’ve been HIGHLY suspicious of it.
Because it might turn people into murderous, mindless death machines? No.

Because I can’t explain it.

I know it works, I’ve used hypnosis with great effect on clients and on myself and I’ve been through hypnosis style processes that worked EXCELLENTLY in the past with great results but couldn’t give a proper explanation of why it works.

Fast forward a few years and a few things have changed:

1. I am not as rigid in my approach any more: I don’t need to have an inside out fully functioning knowledge of every single screw and bolt in a car to effectively drive one from A to B. There are several things in psychology and psychotherapy that I cannot fully explain but I know they work really well. A lack of clarity kind of comes with the territory. The human mind is not, after all, a car engine.

2. I think I DO know what hypnosis is and have a better understanding of how it works now. You will have heard me talk a lot in the podcasts and on the youtube videocasts about “reconditioning the unconscious mind” to overcome certain “mental software faults” that every person seems to suffer from.

The question is: how do we do that?

Well classical hypnosis may very well be the PERFECT tool for the job.

You see the unconscious does not process words and content, it processes symbols and context.
Put another way: if you want to programme your unconscious you must use the correct “software code”;symbols, imagery and visualisations.

This weeks FREE Neuro Combative Conditioning Podcast is all about
Hypnotic Reconditioning; you can play it here on the page or download it here

So hypnosis causes you to go into a relaxed state of mind in which you are more open to ideas and suggestions then gives you a contextual environment in which you can follow certain positive ideas and patterns of thought for 10, 20 minutes or longer at a time.

Now being honest with yourself is it normal for you to follow a thought for 10 minutes or longer at a time?  Highly unlikely for most of us.

Would it be normal for that thought process to be fully and purely positive and beneficial to you? Almost definitely not.

Is Hypnosis total submission of the conscious self/morality/codes of conduct?  No it is not.

Is it a “special psychological state “ in which things can be achieved that cant in normal states?

Yes I believe it is. Because of the concentration on one line of thought for prolonged periods, the relaxation, suggestibility and access to the unconscious mind it is “special”.

I will be running a series of Neuro Combative Hypnotic Reconditioning Courses over the coming weeks.

These will be affordable, short (25 minutes approximately) and their details and specifics will be in response to feedback from you, so: tailor made to the needs of the modern self protection practitioner.

Whatever it is you want, whatever works best for you, whatever you want me to focus on – that is where we will go.

Every one of these hypnotic inductions I release will come with a normal version AND a “binaural version” for those of us who enjoy the brainwave entrainment effects.

These audio tutorials will come packed with good solid NLP techniques and classical Hypnotherapy so you get as much benefit as possible packed in to as short a time frame as possible: results, results, RESULTS!

This first Tutorial will focus on giving you a calm, confident and assertive approach to verbal and physical conflict, to increasing your energy levels and positive outlook, to enhancing mental strength and courage and to allow you the space to work with unconscious resources you have not tapped into previously.

These audios will make you feel relaxed, focussed and open to suggestion. And the typical result is you will find yourself doing things and responding to situations in certain more positive ways without conscious effort or even realising what you are doing until after it is done!
Pretty cool, huh?


The problem we as humans face is that the mind MINDLESSLY repeats itself.

Our fears, our anger, our insecurities repeat and repeat and repeat without being stopped or questioned, most of the time.

What we really need is a functional method to alter the repetitive thoughts to be more positive/confident/assertive/goal focussed/enthusiastic but that doesn’t take a lot of effort or time.

Something quick, easy and effective that gets the job done.

If you think of the Unconscious Mind as a computer servo mechanism, every thought is effectively A COMMAND and we cannot therefore afford the luxury of a tonne of negative, fear inducing, paranoid, angry thoughts.


Why you should get this Audio now:

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  •  This is a purely classical hypnotherapeutic approach to street focussed self protection, it has never been done before.
  •  It reconditions the unconscious directly. This course is not like the other combative psychology courses I have released up until now in which I have told you to only access the lightest levels of trances, a daydreaming state to get the work done. This one GOES DEEP … and quickly!
  •  Unlike the “Supra States” or “Core Visualisation” this will makesyou more confident, more aggressive, more assertive and more outgoing with ZERO negative side effects. No nightmares, no “odd thoughts” and none of the unpleasant tendency towards being more confrontational brought on by the other courses.
  • This course will definitely make you feel more confident, more positive, more goal orientated and mentally tougher in EVERY AREA of your life
  • Can be tailored specifically to your needs, WHATEVER they may be.


The key principles focussed on in this first course are straight from classical NLP.

– you work perfectly, you are either running mental programmes that take you towards your goals or away from them

– you already have ALL the resources you need inside you, we just need to help you access them

So what I propose if you are getting this course is that you buy it, download it and listen to it once straight away:

Please listen to it from beginning to end, it has a trance induction, it takes a little bit of time to get you down to the right level of relaxation, please turn off your phone, sit somewhere comfortable where you will not be disturbed and go RIGHT THE WAY THROUGH from beginning to end, there are several visualisations and exercises I will ask you to do in a trance state. Then I will guide you up back to normal waking consciousness. I’ve been doing this for 15 years, please follow all instructions and give it your full attention, you will feel great and the effect on your confidence will be very, very powerful.

I’ve got a sense recently that a few of the SFS regulars are feeling a bit frustrated and down, so I’ve deliberately put some zip, zing and zest in to this hypnosis that will crush any blues you’ve been suffering from and get you feeling upbeat, motivated, energised and ready to rock!

Please listen to it every day in the earlier part of the day for 5 days then get in touch and tell me how its working for you and what you want on the next one.

Hypnotic Recon

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