“Instant Confidence” and “Solo Drills for Verbal Conflict”


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When I ask SFS subscribers to tell me what kind of problems they face in their training the major thing that comes up time and again is “confidence”. Everyone wants to feel MORE confident. Makes sense right? So Ive put together a tutorial that tells you, quickly and directly, in just 25 minutes,

“HOW to DO Instant Confidence.”

(Yes, confidence is not something you just passively “have” it is something you actively “do”. Once you grasp this simple shift in approach your confidence will sky rocket!)



It’s interactive, you need to clear a space and DO what is shown on the DVD. Could be the most important 25 minutes of your life IF you actually get up off your couch, TAKE IMMEDIATE MASSIVE ACTION and actively DO what is shown.

Ive never given this tutorial before to the SFS subscribers, though its a tutorial Ive delivered in motivational seminars all over the UK probably more than 250 times – its very SIMPLE and its very EFFECTIVE.

So simple… I used to teach it to school kids.

This is practical psychology and functional NLP at its best – street level, easy to pick up and use and takes no prior training.

No theory, no fluff, straight forward, step by step, physical instructions.

Follow the instructions on the video tutorial and you can access confidence instantly, any time anywhere – its basically a trick I adapted from Tony Robbins that “overrides” a neurological impulse and “forces” the brain and body into any emotional / psychological state you want INSTANTLY.

This tutorial is for accessing confidence but once you’ve learned it and practise it you can use it to access any state you choose.

Sound good?

That’s not all.

The other thing people have been asking me about and that Ive been racking my brains to come up with a solution for is confidence in verbal conflict.

Yes, that horrible socially ambiguous sitatuation that makes everyone (even big hard pro fighters and experienced soldiers) feel very uncertain and uncomfortable that we all want to know how to deal with skillfully
I’m good at it, but Ive had a lot of experience with it and have already been through the psychologicaly painful (and sometimes physical risky) elements of getting it “wrong” – so I asked myself :

How can I create a drill that means a person can get that confidence without going through the experience?

This tutorial answers that question. (Skip to the checkout below)

this short clip is not from the tutorial but it gives you some quick free tips on the type of practical psychology techniques I teach to give people a quick access to instant confidence. Check it out!

“The Verbal Conflict Solo Drill” Tutorial is ready and you can get it from here now along with the “Instant Confidence” tutorial.

There is a small problem though.

Once I started “unpacking” the skillset and strategy for verbal conflict that I have so I could teach it, I realised there was a LOT there that needed to be addressed. A lot more issues, psychological points, physical rules, even legal issues that MUST be dealt with ahead of time, that I just took for granted and assumed everyone knew.

I take NOTHING for granted in this tutorial and I show EVERYTHING YOU NEED in a step by step way…. so…
I thought it would be around 30 minutes long, maybe 40 minutes once I’ve forced my captive audience to endure my digressions and anecdotes.

It is in fact 1 hour and 20 minutes long!!

And this is as concise as I could make it.

So Ive made the tutorial available for you BOTH as a download in a smaller lower quality file format and as a password only streaming video in HD format as well.

verbal conflict solo drills

I realised I had to cover a lot of topics Ive never covered before to give you a truly effective tutorial, that you can watch, do the exercises and walk away from really knowing that you got something of value that you can go out and use straight away.

This is NOT what you think and you must keep an open mind.

What this is NOT : A solo drill tutorial where you just tag on a “what are you looking? Stay back!” and then scream “banzai” as you beat up the air in front of you making savage faces (as fun as that drill would no doubt be).

As I said for the “verbal conflict and feigned submission, overcoming the ego” video that I released to the SFS utube channel last week – that went over very well by the way, thanks for all the positive feedback – in order to teach this element of Self Protection, the very “real world” stuff (not just headbutts, eye gouging and aggression drills), I need to take off the instructor hat and speak to you as a mate. In fact Im not really instructing here, I dont think this stuff can be “instructed”. All I can do is share with you my personal approach.

Its not for me to tell you how to conduct yourself in your life.

All I can do is give you, if not a formulaic instruction, a philosophical approach with practical applications in the “this is how I do it, take what you think is useful” way of thinking.

The ACTUAL key objectives of the tutorial are as follows

(had I just followed these it would have only taken 30 mins but you would have had only half a tutorial)


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    • Teaching the physiology to DO confidence, ingraining it as a natural default setting, making confidence attainable whenever and wherever you need it.
    • Creating a neural pathway that links the state of confidence to the skillset of verbal conflict, this way when an argument starts you auto pilot “feeling confident” instead of feeling doubt and fear ; this is ESSENTIAL. Remember your basic combative psychology principles: “your state transmits”.
    • Teaching the brain and the body to link combative physical movement (fence, SCTS, preemptive attack, core game plan etc) to verbal conflict – strengthening the link from talking and thinking to taking action.
    • How to effectively do the “Taxi Driver” drill – yes my friends at some point we must stand there and argue with noone, Robert De Niro styley.  (Dont worry I’ll show you how to do it so it works really shockingly well in terms of building big time confidence…BUT Im afraid you will probably feel like a muppet for the first few gos. Sorry.)
    • How to link your verbal conflict skillset to your core game fight plan in a solo drill.
    • The 3 RULES of verbal conflict: there are 3 things you cannot let the other guy do, that if he keeps doing must be your trigger to “GO”, stick to these 3 rules and you will be safe.
    • How to link your verbal conflict skillset to your core game fight plan in a solo drill.
    • How to “look justified” to witnesses and on cctv, simple rules of body language.
    • Answering the question: “how many steps back can I take before I hit him?” (clue: it definitely is NOT walking backawards for 30 seconds with your hands up mumbling “Im sorry mate, Im sorry, I dont want to fight, I dont want to fight….” until you back into a lampost or the road)
    • One really irritating habit that security industry and LEO’s all have in social interaction that you MUST develop
    • How to teach yourself to still focus on everything else going on in the environment when in an argument instead of making the mistake everyone else makes : letting the clown arguing with you take up all your focus


Thats it.
Well, that should have been it…
Here are the topics that werent meant to be covered but that I felt HAD to be (none of which I think I’ve ever covered before):

Extra Topics

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      • Why raw aggression is a “bad” way of handling physical and psychological violence but why I must teach it and you MUST learn it. And why you must then go beyond it.
      • ARE YOU USING REASONABLE FORCE? The legal consequences of preemptive strikes and a SIMPLE method I use of how I gauge whether I am using reasonable force that you can draw from too.
      • Things to AVOID in this drill; Why I have, in the past, usually steered clear of verbal conflict scenario drills: the good bad and ugly elements that you need to be aware of and avoid if you can
      • My personal experience with over-responding and the potential life altering and extremely negative long lasting impacts of “winning” a fight.
      • How I ingrain moves into body and mind so I KNOW they will come out me when I need them without thought.
      • Why I think doing the drill shown on this DVD is potentially very dangerous (to anyone who might target you) and why you MUST be drilling for restraint. Its not often you will hear me say this:
        If you under-respond to a threat this would be disastrous, but so would over-responding.
        Drill reasonable force in the dojo, apply reasonable force in the street.


THIS particular drill must be done responsibly. Like some of the Combative Psychology drills I teach there is a risk it might cause you to “go off” where you dont need to.

The process for downloading moves into the neurology at an unconscious level shown in this tutorial is VERY powerful. I think I have covered this at a surface level in some material.

Repetition of movement is essential but not enough, you also need STATE ACCESS and VISUALISATION so you are giving very clear instructions to your body and mind as to WHAT you want your body to do in a verbal conflict or physical assault. This is more important than HOW – I explain why on the tutorial.

IF you get this tutorial now you will get step by step instruction for state access, what to visualise (“creating the trigger”) and HOW to do the repetitive elements (adding variation and improvisation).

I’ve also added an E-book of Notes of all the key points from both tutorials so you can look them up easily.

I recommend having it open as you watch the videos.


Im not going to lie. Its a LOT to take in.
The subject is WAY more complex than I had previously given it credit for.
Listen, much ground is covered, it IS going to take a few watches, a few notes taken, plus there are exercises I need you to do along the way to get the full benefits.
Some of them might make you feel silly, certainly you are expected to push through and out of your comfort zone. Its not a quick fix, as such,  some folks wont like it.

But I do believe this is not just worth it, its ESSENTIAL.

That sounds like a bold statement, let me qualify it with an “IF”…

This tutorial is essential IF you think you are ever actually going to have to USE these skillsets in the real world.

IF you are at the (entirely respectable) end of the SP spectrum that is kickboxing and grappling with a bit of “street” stuff thrown in then this will be all too tactical and contextual and at the neurological end of the swimming pool marked “deep”  and will not be for you.

Also IF you are a PURE “technique fetishist” looking for 5 deadly exotic dim mak mongolian toe holds to add to your tool box/ treasure chest of sadistic delights then you are in the wrong place.

This is for people who ALREADY have the problem of verbal conflict that NEEDS solving (because its their job, they cant avoid conflict) or people who think they will need it imminently (social context i.e.  “its just a matter of time before I get involved in a situation”).

If you want to know how to really feel totally confident, detached and in control during a potentially violent verbal conflict, you need this tutorial now.

Get YOUR “Verbal Conflict Solo Drills” and “How to do Confidence” Video Tutorial and Download it NOW.

You could begin the training to  massively increasing your confidence in just a few minutes.

What you are getting:


Instant Confidence 25 mins Video Tutorial Solo Drills for Verbal Conflict 75 mins Downloadable Video Tutorial in MP4 Format.

Thats a TOTAL OF 1 Hour and 40 Minutes of Training Plus a Guide E- book in pdf Format





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