Geoff Thompson Interview on London Real “Fear, My Friend”

I did a podcast covering the key points that really struck me from this Interview with Geoff, you can get it here

Geoff Thompson

– sex abuse trauma, noone can ever be trusted, wanting to keep people at a distance

– why do martial arts, the self protection issue

– everyone can teach you if your brave enough to see the truth

– jonah complex, success barriers, success is trouble and responsibility

– most people are asleep and they dont see whats in front of them

– at the bottom end your teaching physical moves, at the top end you are teaching defense against the self, knowing that you create violence in your own mind…. being strong at fihgint is being strong at a low frequency and you realise how unintellligent that is

-even well intentioned violence rebounds on itself

– when you hold a grduge against someone they stay with you, they possess you

1. you can turn that into alchemy, shit to gold

– all hypnosis is self hypnosis, all healing is self healing

– money is just an exchange of energy and value is perception

– hermetic law, as within so without, you only need to work on yourself, reduce the distractions

– self less service, bucky fuller story, “do it because you love to do it”


– don’t fucking barter

– you need to be frail and vulnerable that’s where the growth is

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