Do Not Run From Pain

I have found with clients recently that the neurotic (disproportionate and hysterical) fear of pain is disturbingly commonplace.

What are we to do about this “pain-o-phobia” epidemic?

(Agliophobia, for the psychology grad smart arses)

“Whats the big deal? Doesnt it make sense to run from pain?”

Well yes, it does. It is one of our primary instincts, but not every primary “natural” instinct is necessarily helpful.

Consider Jung’s position on the fear of pain.

Carl Jung (richard grannon blog)

Any neurosis, any mental illness is always a substitute for legitmate suffering.

I think the current wave of anxiety and depression cases being seen in the UK and America is down to this one tendency.

What happens when we avoid pain, consistently over time?

Our fear of pain: INCREASES

Our tolerance for pain: DECREASES

Does a person with a high fear of pain and a low tolerance for pain sound like a happy, robust, strong willed, independent, risk taking, high self esteem having, optimistic, out going person to you?

Me neither.

They sound like someone prone to introversion, fearful of their own shadow, addicted to their comforts, addicted to “chemical solutions” to lifestyle problems, trapped in a prison of fear and luxury with their self esteem, health, energy and vigour being slowly corroded daily.

A spineless, passive, obedient, naive, feminised, sick, weak, easy-to-manipulate, whinging sissy.

Got any friends who fall into that category?

“But doesnt seeking out pain just equate to masochism?”

Cry the insecure jellyfish from the sidelines of life telling themselves they chose not to compete rather than face the reality that they lost the ability to compete years ago.

My answer? Fuck No.

It’s positively inane to compare the drive to strive and thrive to a sexual perversion that involves receiving pain to stimulate the libido, but isnt this the passive aggressive “lady-like” tactic we have come to expect from trolls, lurkers and pro-standard whinge bags?

Isn’t it commonplace for these fat/skinny, large bellied, wide -arsed, thin -wristed, mentally weak, gene-pool clutterers to make preposterous “apples to oranges” comparisons in an effort to deride that which intimidates them in a post hoc effort to justify their own failings?

Why yes…. yes it is.

Just two weeks ago I had a guy loudly proclaim in front of me to a group of people that people who went to the gym and wore muscle t shirts were universally perceived as homosexual. He meant me.
He later whatsapped me “hey I want to start training can you give me some advice?”.


Whinging troll nerd kung fu stance : I want help but I dont have the humility to ask for help I want to maintain my bloated ego and act like Im letting you help me and thereby in fact Im doing you a favour.

“Fuck off”.  Was my somewhat terse reply.

You see what Ive learned over the years, running my own business, making freinds, making enemies, making money, losing it and making it again is this: nobody really gives a shit.

You’re mum might, a bit,  but dont push it, she already gave you life.
And lets be honest, no mother REALLY wants to see her son turn out to be a lazy, weak, pill popping, whinging, passive- aggressive spineless little twat.

You might be familiar with the Spartan legend of mothers telling their sons before battle:

“Return either with your shield or on it.”

Spartans killed in battle would be carried back on their shields.

So this is the equivalent of saying:

“Do well in battle son, or PLEASE just die trying.”


Nobody cares if your business works, nobody cares if you find spiritual fulfillment in your life, if you achieve your potential, get the girl, win the war or… whatever challenge you face.

Nobody cares and nobody owes you anything. So suck it the fuck up and get on with it.

“Tempus Fugit”

Thats latin for: cheer up fucker, you’ll be dead soon.

The danger of me not spelling EVERYTHING out all the time ad nauseum is that some plonker some where will take what Ive said the wrong way (quite deliberately) and then run with the ball.

Following my videblog last week I shouldnt have been so naive as to think that some divvy wouldnt eventually pipe up with:

“So what you are saying is that anyone can believe in anything and magick/superstition/religion is as good a perspective as any other?”

So the clue, boys and girls that you are about to be trolled by a mentally ill person suffering from a condition called “incurable nit wittery and some severe nincompoopery” is the turn of phrase that starts:


No, what I am saying is what I am saying. Cant you read/listen?

Anyway I released this video above to clarify that I am NOT of the moral relativist point of view that all perspectives and beliefs are equally valid. This isnt primary school. If your picture of reality sucks balls you dont get a gold star for effort.

In fact, it gets torn up in front of you and thrown in the bin whilst snot and tears run down your chin and you weep inconsolably.

Boo fricken hoo. Djinn are not real. People dont get “cursed” and you arent being attacked by “ghosts”.

Sadly the demons we face face daily are all too human and evil is a perfectly pedestrian phenomenon.

Do you like fighting with streets?


Then y u come to my site?

So here is this weeks video clip. It is about FIGHTING. The brawlers side headlock. It is very common “mongo must grab something, what mongo grab? Oh me grab head. Grab head GOOOOOD”.

It is very annoying.

It is also surprisngly effective if the other person is strong.

This is the easiest most reliable way to get out of it.

We’ve already had some comments on youtube from the local Mensa member chess champions that this martial arts demonstration youtube video is NOT a real fight.

Really genius?


Here is a video clip of a man with some boxing skills knocking some prison guards around.

Take notes and draw diagrams focussing on: what did the boxy prisoner do that was good?
What did the prison guards do that was not good?
What did they eventually do that worked?

Decisive action, forward movement, aggression, displacement, using grappling against a striker effectively… squirting the “ouch-water” into the eyes, nose and throat etc

Thats what my ex used to called it.


Yes you ….

Do you struggle with motivational issues?


I have make for you the video and the ebook which is have all the answer for problems of motivationals.

If you sit still and listen and do the exercise you will uncover: your REAL values, where motivation comes from, a simple test to know if your life is congruent with your values, what to do to make your life cooler, more interesting and to have more pep, zing and zest in your daily energy levels.
ALSO here is a cool interview I did with Scott Paterson of

there are also interviews here with lots of cool people like  Geoff Thompson check it out


Thats it for this week, leave a comment below that verbally sucker punches me right in the third eye for the “flawless victory”.

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