Deane Lawler on skill acquisition and a drill that teaches you to HIT BACK.

this is a great clip from Deane Lawler

Key Points:

– there are some things that have to be FELT to be learned, particulalry as it pertains to skill : swimming, riding a bike, riding all require a felt acquisition of skill.

– you have to DO it to get it

– drill your response to being hit to HIT BACK immediately with a “blitz” of shots to overwhelm your opponent

– drill your response to NOT move backwards or turn away, cover, duck or hit back

This isnt a point that Dean made, but something that this video got me thinking about. This is a great video and a great drill but a lot of Combatives “purists” (whatever that may or may not mean) will turn their nose up at it. Dont be snobby about doing “sportive combat” drills, if you just write this off as only being good for MMA or boxing I have a simple qustion for you.
How else are you going to get the following attributes if you refuse to do drills like this?

1.hand to eye co-ordination

2.improved proprioception

3. constant adaptation and improvisation to a threat (yeah its your mate with a boxing pad, but have you been tonked in the face with a hook and jab pad recently? its a threat)

4. responsiveness: too much of “pure combatives” is too rigid and doesnt pressure the practitioner into being quick and responsive. Yes in application a fight should be a dictation rather than a conversation that has used deception as its platform, but thats in an ideal world. What if things go wrong? Whats the back up plan? You need good attributes.

5. reflexes

6. courage – it takes balls to stand in range and take shots in the head and body

7. mental and physical tenacity. We need tenacious resolve, how are we going to develop it if not by drills that pressure us out of the comfort zone?

8.aggression – if you can successfully condition yourself to respond to a getting hit in the face with an aggressively delivered blitz of your own counterstrikes you are doing well.

9. fitness – “wont spar” or “cant spar”?

Ronnie Coleman says “everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift no heavy assed weights.”

I would say “everyone wants to be confident about their ability to fight, but nobody wants to get hit in the face”.

Yeah buddy.

Richard Grannon

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