4 ways to instill panic

“4 ways to instill panic in an attacker”

There is a saying that I’m fond of: “Amateurs fight bodies. Professionals fight minds.”

Effective self defence is not all about how much bodily damage you can inflict on an attacker. It is also about how much damage you can inflict on them psychologically.

Without the will to back it up, the body is useless. If you take away your attackers will to fight you will leave them with nothing but the sour taste of defeat.

Musashi was a master of this type of psychological beat-down. He employed many tricks to mess with an opponent’s head before and during the fight. It was this psychological cunning, backed up with supreme physical skills, that made Musashi one of the greatest fighters to ever live.

If you want to be more effective at self defence and be a more superior fighter, then you must find ways in which to instill a sense of panic into your attacker or would-be attacker.

You must find ways to break their will and take away their fighting spirit in order to defeat them.

It’s a fact that most people do not like to fight. Physical violence is a scary proposition to most people.

Social violence is motivated by ego and peer pressure and as such, most of those who instigate social violence would much rather win in a confrontation without fighting. They will try to win by using bullying and intimidation tactics first, only turning to violence if that doesn’t work for them.

Resource and process predators want something from you first of all. Violence is just a tool to get that something from you. If they can get it without using violence, all the better for them. Less hassle that way.

My point here is that you should be aware of most people unwillingness to engage in violence, and that you should learn to take advantage of this unwillingness.

Most people will only fight because they think they have too for whatever reason. They don’t really want to be doing it and they will look for a way to disengage as quickly as possible.

By using certain tactics before and during a fight you can take advantage of this inherent weakness in people and force them to confront the hard fact that they were not really up for violence in the first place.

Use the following tactics to break the will of your attacker and force them into disengaging from the fight.

1. Project Violent Intent

Without a doubt, this is the number one tactic for forcing a would-be attacker into capitulation.

At the pre-fight stage, when a would-be attacker is giving you the interview, you must be able to project enough violent intent that your have-a-go asshole picks up on it and decides that starting a fight with you may not be a good idea after all.

In effect, you must scare him into backing down.

But what exactly is violent intent?

Richard Grannon defines it this way in his e-book, Violent Intent:

“Violent Intent in this context is the PURE will to do harm to another human being by any means necessary. It does not concern itself with the frontal lobe deliberations and pontifications of how this is best done. It simply desires to cause damage.”

Pure violence, in otherwards.”

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4 ways to instill panic

4 ways to instill panic

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