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How To Knee Stomp Video

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the future of combatives is now… adhd training protocols suck

Post by Whats wrong with this picture? ADHD culture really has seeped its way into every aspect of our lives. Our desire to have everything, all the time NOW has reached fever pitch and this is nowhere more in your face than when watching how people train in the gym. I’ve been in the…

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Gentle reminder (in the form of a rant) about the crucial elements of self protection drills

I come in peace. This video is not intended to harm, hurt or offend. Everyone is free to train however they want… BUT if you put the label of “street self protection” on a drill or a teaching you must be prepared to be challenged about the validity of the  methodology shown, given what is…

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Neuro Combatives Podcast 3 “The 5 Most Important Principles”

Neuro Combatives Podcast 3 “The 5 Most Important Principles” One of the key elements of the Neuro Combative Conditioning Course is that the body and mind should be trained together as one unit, not seperately. To illustrate: if you have a lot of great techniques, developed over time, supported with fantastic physical attributes it will…

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Neuro Combatives Podcast 2: “the real hardcore street fighting secrets”

The response to last weeks Neuro Combatives Podcast and my Combative Psychology Experiment Hypnosis Video was overwhelmingly positive which is great, good to see so many people are getting strong clear results from it and I havent had a single complaint of “it not working” in over 700 video views and downloads of the podcast.…

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Neuro Combatives: “Reality of Violence”

New Podcast Click here to download this podcast   The main question in this podcast is how do we define what we are actually training for? Does defining ourselves as martial artists or self defence or combatives practitioners limit our ability to prepare for real world violence? What are we in fact training for? How…

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reality is reality

Reality is Reality

   .  . Podcast Neuro Combatives “Reality of Violence” Click here to download this podcast   Reality is Reality Article try to take reality as it is without projecting too much back story onto it.  . Our brains, with all their various software faults and cognitive biases will try and distort reality to fit an…

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The Map Is Not The Territory – dealing with some of the human brain’s software faults for martiala arts

Ever noticed how the human brain doesnt seem to handle ambiguity very well? It tends towards simplicty over complexity, reduction over expansion and of seeing multi dimensional, dynamic ever changing problems as flat black and white 2 dimensional still pictures. This poses a problem for us. What are we training for? The reality of street…

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Do Not Run From Pain

I have found with clients recently that the neurotic (disproportionate and hysterical) fear of pain is disturbingly commonplace. What are we to do about this “pain-o-phobia” epidemic? (Agliophobia, for the psychology grad smart arses) “Whats the big deal? Doesnt it make sense to run from pain?” Well yes, it does. It is one of our…

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richard grannon blog silat magick

Malaysian Magickal Martial Arts, Silat, Djinn, Berserkers, Possession and the Supra States Concept

Malaysian Magickal Martial Arts, Silat, Djinn, Berserkers, Possession and the Supra States Concept This video is all about looking at different belief systems and how the metaphors we consciously or unconsciously inherit from our cultural operating system determine the reality tunnel in which we live. Softening the rigidity of our beliefs and opening our minds…

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