Anti Bully Tactics



A One Hour Tutorial Outlining Tactics for Handling Bullies and Bullying

Plus a Short E- book Explaining How to Apply The Tactics

Topics Included:


Section 1 : Deconstructing the Bully Mindset, Understanding the Behaviour

Section 2: The 7 Tactics for Handling Different Types of Bullyin

Section 3: How and When to Use Force to Tackle Bullying

Section 4: How to Teach Kids to Handle Bullying

Section 5: How to Be a Harder Target



1.has been the victim of bullying and wants to have greater understanding of how and why it might have occurred and what they could do differently to ensure it doesnt happen again being bullied now either in work or in their relationships and wants some solid tactics to take back control, stop the bullying and reassert their personal boundaries

3.has kids of their own or teaches young students and wants to give them the right tools to handle bullying

4.has been the victim of a narcissistic /sociopathic toxic relationship of any kind and wants to disentangle themselves from the huge damage it creates

“Whether it’s in the workplace, at school, within relationships, amongst adults or kids bullying is the wilful infringement of another persons boundaries for the psychological gain of the bully. It’s an extremely damaging and torturous experience for the victim and can lead to illness and even suicide. This week on SFS we have a new product focussing on tactics for dealing with bullying. If you have been or know someone who is the victim of bullying you might want to check this out.”


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