Ambush Attacks

  this is a 41 minute long video to download and keep AND a streaming video you can watch whenever you want

Topics Covered:

– The real world context of ambush attacks and defining the objectives
-Why this always requires the highest level of force response initially
-Why you need two different formats of the G.C.R.
-How to deal with sucker punches
-How to deal with uppercuts and knees
-How to respond effectively and aggressively to a clinch and knee
-How to escape chokes
-How to escape and respond to grabs
-Applying the core game plan with violent intent, to deliver simple, aggressive violence going “one way”
-The dangers of “violent intent” neuro combative conditioning style training
-Striking in combinations for maximum neurological overload
-Applying “fire” and “movement” intelligently and effectively

ambush attacks



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