5 Minute Total Street Fight Strategy (Core Game Plan Summarised)

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So I was asked in response to this clip: “great video, don’t you find pulling the head down can be quite hard especially as they can crab your legs or waist and be trying to tackle you?”

here is my answer and its an open offer to anyone

“We want to go to the experts on takedown defence, doubles and singles are standard fare for wrestlers and MMA guys,so we can take advice from them but we DONT want to mirror anything that involves smashing your knees into concrete or going to the ground with the guy. Here is one good vid on takedown defence http://www.livestrong.com/video/3608-use-hips-wrestling/

you can model this ankle kick to snap down from damage control (snap down is same principle as stuffind the head) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=265aOWCRKXE

Compare this snap down http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkMLbAuyzjM that features options for when resisting to this demo of me showing the basic drag down from “6 seconds of extreme violence”


and here from the Beta-8 Syllabus


and a variation from Reg Wong


At the end of the day you have to practise this and develop your combative attributes : alivenes, improvisation, speed, reflexes and the proprioceptive ability to keep your “frame” – this is your chosen, ergonomic, combative “stance” or posture – this will be arms up, feet open (NEVER crossing), hips shoulder and head facing the opponent and spine curved.

You need to be quick but not that quick, even if you are facing a good wrestler a PROPER and good form double leg requires he drive forward and level change down explosively which means he is forced to drive his knee into the mat at speed an with a high degree of force.

See here http://slcmma.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/wrong-and-right-way-to-double-leg-takedown.jpg

and here



he isnt driving into a mat is he? in the street, on concrete that will be a mashed patella and game over

“even if he is immune to pain because of drugs?”

Mechanical damage is mechanical damage.

So if he is doing a poor form double leg (and most drunk mongs who start fights are not champion wrestlers and mma fighters) that he copied from the UFC or rugby its even easier for you to negate it.

Thanks for the question, this is the best I can do using this limited medium and the fact I havent trained with you.

Try it, if you STILL get stuck, video it and I’ll take a look.



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